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Chinese Diaper Service Quality Prefold Diapers
Chinese Diaper Service Quality Prefold Diapers
Wee Bunz proudly offers you 100% cotton DSQ prefold diapers from the supplier who gave Chinese prefolds their great reputation. These thick, absorbent, and highly-durable cloth diapers are far better than anything you will find at large chain retailers. Prefold diapers are also one of the most economical soakers you can buy. Use them with covers or as inserts for pocket diapers. They will look flat and stiff out of the box, but after a few washings they will obtain their familiar quilted appearance and shrink to their intended size. The image to the right shows a prefold before and after washing.

Most babies need Infant sized prefolds for at least the first 6 months. After that, Standard sized prefolds offer a great balance of absorbency and trimness, and fit many babies through potty training. See complete sizing suggestions in the chart below. Do you need help visualizing the sizes? Click on the camera icon below for photos of the diapers next to a real 12-pound baby.

Make sure to view our How to Fold Prefold Diapers to get the best fit

Note from Amy of Wee Bunz: Our first-born was gaining weight and growing chubby so fast that I decided to 'buy ahead' and I bought 5 dozen Premium diapers thinking she would fit in them any minute. Unfortunately, they remained too big and bulky for her, and we never did end up using them as diapers. With our son, I discovered that Standard prefolds worked great on him. So, in this case, bigger isn't always better.

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  Color Qty.  
Prefold Diaper
Sizing Recommendations
Cover Size
Price per Dozen
Preemie Plus 2x8x2
(baby blue)
Good for diapering babies 4-9 lbs. Why Plus? Two extra layers in the center boost absorbency. Fits great in Prorap PR & NB covers. May be used as doublers or wipes later.
4.5 oz.
Infant 4x6x4
(lt. green)
Trimmer Newborn-6 month diapers. Fits most babies 8-16 lbs, slender babies longer. These Infant prefolds are trimmer under clothing, although they are not quite as absorbent as 4x8x4.
6 oz.
Infant 4x8x4
Most popular Newborn-6 month diapers. Fits most babies 8-16 lbs, slender babies longer. Also makes a great night-time soaker in a pocket diaper, if a bit bulky.
8.5 oz.
Standard 4x6x4
Most popular diaper next-size-up diaper. Trim fitting and good absorbency for babies and toddlers from about 16-28 lbs., many through potty training.
12 oz.
Premium 4x8x4
Same length and width as Standard prefolds (above), but bulkier for heavier-wetting babies and toddlers from about 16-28 lbs.
15 oz.
Toddler 4x8x4
16.5" x 21"
Very large diapers for toddlers over 28 pounds. These make great washable changing pads!
20 oz.
*Washed dimensions are approximate. Color indicates the thread color used in the edge stitching, not overall diaper color.
  Yes, we do keep every size of Chinese Prefold in stock.* We stock everything from Chinese Preemie Prefold diapers for the tiniest babies, to Chinese Toddler Prefold diapers for larger toddlers - just so that we're there for you no matter what your need.

*If it's on the drop-down menu, then we have it in our store - ready to ship! See our Inventory Policy for more details.
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