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Choosing Inserts and Doublers
Most Inserts are designed for use with Pocket Diapers. The two most popular fabrics are Hemp (which is actually hemp-cotton blend fabric, since pure hemp would be too stiff) and synthetic Microfiber. Remember, a Pocket Diaper is only as good as its Insert, so use our guide to help you select the right insert for the situation.

About Microfiber Diaper Inserts
Many of our Pocket Diapers are sold with Microfiber inserts included. Microfiber is a 100% synthetic polyester fabric, often made in China. This fabric feels fluffy and very dry to the touch. Microfiber is economical and relatively easy-care. If you live someplace without a dryer, these inserts are recommended as they line-dry well. Their absorbency is suited for average wetters during daytime use. We do not recommend them for long car rides. Why? Because microfiber acts much like a sponge, and prone to "compression leaking" in situations such as fastening your child into a properly tightened car seat. The wetness may be squeezed and forced out of the microfiber insert in this case.

About Hemp Diaper Inserts
Hemp-cotton blend farbics offer compact high-absorbency. We just call them "Hemp Inserts" for short. Hemp inserts are more expensive, but you get long-lasting absorbency that locks in wetness and is not prone to compression leaking. Hemp inserts are the favorite amongst parents for heavy wetters and for overnight. You will also notice that Hemp retains a consistent absorbency over years of use whereas microfiber may lose some of its absorbency over time. Thicker Hemp Inserts should be tumbled dry by machine. If you do not have a dryer, then Hemp Babies Little Weeds and Bigger Weeds are your best option, because they are thin enough to line dry without developing odors. Hemp inserts weigh more than microfiber, so make sure you pick a pocket diaper that fits correctly or the weight of a hemp insert may make it sag. Hemp itself is an environmentally-friendly fiber, because it can be grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

What is a Doubler?
Diaper Doublers are like inserts only fewer layers of fabric. They are intended to boost the aborbency of a Pocket that already has an Insert in it, or an All-in-One style diaper when the fixed aborbency that is sewn in isn't enough. You do not always have to use a doubler, but they are nice when you know that you are going to need to stretch a little further between diaper changes, say, during a long car ride. We offer doublers with and without a stay-dry layer. The doublers without are generally used inside pocket diaper. Just place on top of your regular insert and stuff the two into the pocket together. Stay-dry Doublers (found under Microfiber) are not designed to go inside Pockets, rather they have a fleece layer that goes against the skin to keep it dry, so these are intended for use on top of All-in-Ones, Fitted diapers, or Prefolds.

How about using a Prefold for a Pocket Diaper Insert?
Yes, you certainly may. Prefolds are not as trim as hemp inserts, but they offer comparable lasting absorbency. We use Infant sized Prefold Diapers in Medium or bigger Pocket Diapers for a great overnight diaper.
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