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Stacinator Stretch Wool Covers
Stacinator Stretch Wool Covers
Beautiful 100% wool covers are T-shirt-soft and offer great protection. This specially manufactured stretch wool isn't as delicate as hand-knit wool. Trim enough for daytime use, yet thick enough for night protection. Covers feature 4 snaps at each side of the waist and legs for adjustability. The snap sides are reinforced for durability. We recommend lanolizing the covers prior to use. Out of Stock     
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Occasionally, you'll need to lanolize your wool cover. You'll know you need to lanolize when your wool cover becomes damp/wet between diaper changes or begins to smell. Some people need to lanolize once a month, others can go up to six washings before needing to relanolize.

To lanolize, hand wash your wool cover and let soak in wash water while you prepare the lanolin. Add 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of liquid lanolin (you can substitue Lansinoh, if you wish) to 1 cup of hot water and a small amount of wool wash or baby shampoo and mix well. Add contents to the bath, swish wool cover around, and let soak for at least twenty minutes. Do not rinse out wool cover. Squeeze out excess water, or roll into a towel, reshape, and dry flat. Never wring your wool!
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